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(Glow Inc. has moved its main sales and information page to  This site will soon be replaced with a showcase of products and art featuring glow in the dark products made by our hobbyist and professional customers.)


Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder


Glow Inc. is the manufacturer of the new glow in the dark paints made from Earth Aluminate technology. 


This technology is 10 times brighter than existing glow in the dark paint and it will continue glowing all night.


We are also a leading distributor of the Glow in the Dark Powders that use the same technology.


Our glow paints and glow powders work by absorbing light and then releasing it creating the glow in the dark effect.


We have a large variety of paints and powders to choose from and plenty of information available for proper usage.

Our products are used for a variety of glow in the dark projects.

Our two main products are the glow paint and the glow powder.  The glow paints can be used on almost any surface to make it glow when the lights are turned off.  The glow powder can be mixed into almost any clear medium, which allows you to mold or coat just about anything.

Popular uses are varied.  Model Rocketry enthusiasts have found that painting glow rockets allows them to be launched and found at night.  Parents everywhere are painting glowing stars on the ceilings of their children's rooms to create an indoor galaxy.  Some customers have screen printed T-shirts, while others have created Glow in the Dark Candles.  Models and full size vehicles of all types get a futuristic look when painted with glow materials.

If you are not sure if your product idea will work, give us a call.  We will be glad to help you with your design.

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