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Vehicle Painting

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Since most vehicle paint is solvent based, you can simply add approximately 5% glow powder to clear coat.  Check with the manufacturer to make sure that it does not have any UV filters.


To start, read the tips on our Painting Instructions page.


Important:  Test the paint on a small sample area before painting your whole vehicle.


When using a fine nozzle air brush, make sure that you choose a small micron powder marked specifically for airbrushing or screen printing.


For professional looking pin striping that glows, we suggest that you purchase pre-cut pin striping designs from the auto parts store and paint on the glow paint before removing the decal from its backing.


Glow paint is a low-tech alternative to or a great addition to neon and other specialty lights on your vehicle.


To the best of our knowledge, it is perfectly legal to have a car with glowing paint unlike other sources of illumination in some areas.


If done properly, the glow paint should keep its glow in the dark properties for well over 10 years.



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